We’ve completed an almost seamless transition to our new firm; and our new systems are now full steam ahead!

We want to thank our clients for all of your help and patience in this transition, and for your incredible loyalty.  We really are grateful.

We also want to thank our former firm, Nelligan O’Brien Payne, for the terrific help and cooperation they’ve provided throughout.

We’re also steadily (happily!) continuing our CondoLawNews blogs.  At present, much of our focus is on the coming licensing of condominium managers.  You can find our blogs on this site, and you can also subscribe to receive our blogs directly, as noted below.

Thanks so much to everyone who works with us and who follows us.   We’ll continue to do our very best.

Jim, Nancy and Christy

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Davidson Houle Allen LLP Condominium Law is a preeminent boutique condominium law firm established in 2017.

We provide a range of legal services to over 800 condominium corporations throughout Eastern Ontario.  We also provide services to homeowners’ associations and co-tenancy associations, as well as advice on a large variety of co-ownership legal issues.

In our continuing effort to stay current with legal issues affecting condominium boards, property managers and unit owners, our lawyers are members of the Canadian Condominium Institute, and have representatives on the Board at both the local and national level.

We also present regular courses on condominium law to directors, managers and others interested in issues affecting condominiums buildings in Ontario.

CondoLawNews Blog

Christy Allen discusses Airbnb and Condos -Saturday morning on 580 CFRA

Listen to Christy Allen of Davidson Houle Allen speak about Airbnb and condominiums, on the June 17, 2017 Podcast on The Newsfeed with Kristy Cameron on 580 CFRA! Find Christy’s appearance on ‘Hour 2’ of the Newsfeed on June 17, 2017 (starting at minute 22:43) http://www.iheartradio.ca/580-cfra/shows/the-newsfeed-with-kristy-cameron-1.1818974 Christy talks with Kristy Cameron about the increasing presence …

Ministry Announces New Dates for arrival of Condo Law Changes

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has announced new dates for the planned arrival of changes to Ontario’s Condominium Laws.   Click here for the recent announcement from the Ministry. Here’s a quick summary of the “next steps” noted by the Ministry: September 1, 2017: The new Condominium Authority of Ontario (responsible for various new …

Condo Act Amendments and Common Expense Increases

At the ACMO / CCI EO Condominium Conference on June 2nd, I offered my view that the Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 (including amendments to the Condominium Act and the introduction of mandatory licensing for condominium property managers) will likely mean an increase in common expenses for most condominium corporations in Ontario. In my view, …