Improving the New Prescribed Proxy Form

Our lawyers have now had many opportunities to attend condominium meetings following the arrival of the new prescribed proxy form. And it’s clear to us that many owners are struggling with the new form. The problem seems to be that the new form (although excellent in many ways) is just not all that user-friendly. We’ve all seen plenty of comments about this from across Ontario.

So, I decided to prepare an improved version of the prescribed proxy form. You can find it here. Continue reading “Improving the New Prescribed Proxy Form”

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Condominium Not Liable for Assault at Board Meeting

In the recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision of Omotayo v. Da Costa, the Court dealt with a motion by the condominium to dismiss the claim of Jacqueline Omotayo, against the condominium for failing to protect her from assault by a fellow meeting participant, Jose Da Costa (who was also a named defendant), at a board meeting. Continue reading “Condominium Not Liable for Assault at Board Meeting”

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Applying an Owner’s Payments to the Earliest Arrears

In the recent case of Toronto Condominium Corp 1462 v Dangubic, the condominium corporation registered a lien against an owner’s unit for recovery of legal costs incurred by the corporation in relation to “compliance letters” sent by the corporation’s legal counsel to the owner. The Court confirmed that the condominium corporation was entitled to recover these amounts as additional common expenses pursuant to indemnification provisions contained in the corporation’s Declaration and By-laws.

Continue reading “Applying an Owner’s Payments to the Earliest Arrears”

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