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We provide a range of legal services to over 800 condominium corporations throughout Eastern Ontario.  We also provide services to homeowners’ associations and co-tenancy associations, as well as advice on a large variety of co-ownership legal issues.

In our continuing effort to stay current with legal issues affecting condominium boards, property managers and unit owners, our lawyers are members of the Canadian Condominium Institute, and have representatives on the Board at both the local and national level.

We also present regular courses on condominium law to directors, managers and others interested in issues affecting condominium buildings in Ontario.

Condo Law News Blog

Privacy and the Common Elements: Are Police Surveillance Cameras Allowed on Condominium Property?

In the 2016 criminal law case, R v Brewster, the police had entered the common elements of various different condominiums – sometimes with permission from the board or management, and sometimes without permission. In three cases, the police had also installed surveillance cameras on the common elements, with permission either from the board or management. …