Green Thumbs: Growing Cannabis in Condos

With cannabis now legal in Canada (subject to various restrictions), there is no shortage of cannabis-related discussion topics.

One point to be stressed is that medical cannabis is NOT subject to the same rules and regulations as recreational cannabis. While there is a four plant per household limit for the general population in Ontario, if an individual has been licenced by Health Canada to cultivate their own cannabis for medical purposes, they may not be limited to growing four plants. Continue reading “Green Thumbs: Growing Cannabis in Condos”

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Coming to a Compromise: Condominiums, Cannabis, and Human Rights

As many of our readers already know, there is no battle between condominium law and human rights law. Provincial human rights codes take priority (almost) every time. This means that, subject only to undue hardship, condominium corporations must make a timely effort to accommodate those residents who require an accommodation for human rights reasons. Continue reading “Coming to a Compromise: Condominiums, Cannabis, and Human Rights”

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Turning a New Leaf: The Impact of the Cannabis Act on Condominiums

Condominiums face an increasingly complex matrix of issues with the new Cannabis Act  and related legislation. The impact will be far-reaching and will pose increasingly complex challenges for condominiums. Board members need to comprehend how to navigate the risky junctions of intersecting legislation and their condominium’s own by-laws, rules, and declaration.

Continue reading “Turning a New Leaf: The Impact of the Cannabis Act on Condominiums”

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