Email Messages Are Not Condominium Records

In the case of Yeung v. MTCC 1136, the Applicant owner in the condominium applied to CAT for access to email correspondence relating to the condominium corporation’s renewal of a gas contract. The email correspondence in question was referenced in Board minutes. The Tribunal held that the email correspondence was not part of the corporation’s records (and the owner was accordingly not entitled to see the emails).

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Appealing Decisions From the Condominium Authority Tribunal

With the Condominium Authority Tribunal (“CAT”) just recently turning a year old, we are beginning to see more and more CAT decisions being released. As the jurisdiction of this tribunal is expected to increase, we also expect an increasing number of condominium disputes to be resolved through this online dispute resolution process.

However, what happens if one disagrees with a decision from the CAT? Is there a way to appeal a decision from the CAT?   Continue reading “Appealing Decisions From the Condominium Authority Tribunal”

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