COVID-19: The Impact on the Tarion Claim Process

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on daily life in Ontario, Tarion has responded by acknowledging the potential impact the crisis may have on the ability of condominiums to complete their performance audits, and by committing to review situations where such delay may occur on a case by case basis. While Tarion is not confirming that deadlines applicable to the filing of any performance audits will necessarily be extended, Tarion is expressing a willingness to work with any condominium that is or may be impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in this respect. [Please see Tarion’s Advisory Notice for more information.] Continue reading “COVID-19: The Impact on the Tarion Claim Process”

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Tarion and the Dangers of the Conciliation Deadline

Ontario’s new home warranty program – Tarion – is governed by the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act and certain Regulations (the “Warranty Act”). Under the Warranty Act, a warranty claimant with an unresolved claim must request conciliation (with Tarion) within a specified time limit. If the claimant does not do so, the claimant is “deemed to have withdrawn its claim.”

So, if a claimant hopes to continue its claim under the Warranty Act process, it is exceptionally important not to miss the “conciliation request deadline.”  Continue reading “Tarion and the Dangers of the Conciliation Deadline”

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